It is the parts of the female anatomy that are so often the subject of fantasies. It is impossible to form a correct estimate of the Bible without some knowledge of ancient history and comparative mythology. The goal is to create a literary anatomy of the last century – more precisely from 1900 to 2014. Throughout the anatomy, there is no task as difficult as learning the exact attachments of the back muscles. The doctor, informed of his relative happiness, shrugged his shoulders again. This complete process of comparative literature is well represented in modern war literature and recent Arab fiction. Saul Bass, the greatest designer of film title sequences (Anatomy of a Murder, The Man with the Golden Arm) in Hollywood history. The picturesque old Burton recognizes the virtues of the plant in his „anatomy of melancholy“ while anathematizing its abuse. A famous anatomy trainer says that no one can learn anatomy until they learn it and forgot about it three to seven times!. .